A Legacy Opportunity for Penny

This has been an eventful weekend. Yesterday, we interred Penny’s ashes at Peachtree Christian Church in the columbarium next to her mother and sister. Along with a beautiful service, we were able to watch a short video that we just received that was shot in August and edited by Catie Beck who is a friend and NBC reporter. Here it is:

Also, on Friday, I met with Rev. Maggie Leonard and Rev. Chad Hyatt who are pastors for Mercy Community Church. This church is primarily homeless folks from Virginia Highlands and has met for 10 years in the basement of Druid Hills Presbyterian Church. With the Open Door Community (a homeless ministry in a large boarding house on Ponce de Leon which is two blocks from my house also) closing a few doors down, Mercy’s vision is to buy the property and host a collaborative of nonprofit justice ministries focused on homelessness. In August, they asked Penny if they could name it after her, knowing that she regretted that she would not be able to use her position as Executive Presbyter of Greater Atlanta to leave a legacy of greater justice ministry. So, Penny admitted there were others more worthy, but if it would help, they could use their name.

So, here is the incredible news! A benefactor has come to Mercy and offered to purchase the property. The bids are due on Wednesday. The sole request of the benefactor is that Mercy get pledges by Wednesday to cover the utilities and carrying costs for the first year. The challenge is to get pledges totaling $80,000 by Tuesday.

My family has pledged $12,000 and hope some of you will join us in assuring this continuation of ministry and legacy in Penny’s name. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities and what a legacy that is being offered for Penny’s love of Christ and all people. So, if you care to join us, please email me (rhillrev@gmail.com) your pledge by the end of Tuesday or directly to Rev. Maggie Leonard  (mbleonar@gmail.com).

This is such a work of God and grace. You know, Penny could always get us to do “more than we asked or imagined.”

Grace and Hope,





2 thoughts on “A Legacy Opportunity for Penny

  1. Minnie Bowden says:

    Richard, We are committing $1,000 for Penny’s legacy. Our assumption is that once you have other commitments that all of us will receive a letter telling us how checks are to be made payable (assuming Mercy Community Church) or if on-line donations are possible. We know you will be able to raise the $80K needed to satisfy the benefactor’s requirements. Just keep us in the loop. Enjoyed our conversation last night. We are happy that you have Jeanie in your life. Minnie and Jerry


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