Incredible Generosity

Thank you all for your incredible display of generosity. In three days responses to this blog brought in pledges of $92,030 to support the effort to purchase the old Open Door Ministry for Mercy Community Church in collaboration with other homeless ministries. Penny did not think her name was worthy to be the title as many others have done much more for justice around here. But she did bless this effort and told Mercy if her name could be beneficial, she was glad to help. She truly longed to see this happen.

As our family and friends, you have stepped up in an amazing way. Thank you so much. I am in awe of your love and support and desire to see Penny’s life left with such a fitting legacy that inspires love in our city–that was Penny’s ultimate calling.

So, the bids are in for the building. The Presbytery team that makes the decision will not meet until next week to choose the winning bid. So, please be in fervent prayer that God will and is doing a new and wonderful work right here. And anyone who still wants to pledge, please send me an email (




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