Mercy is in God’s Hands

Last week the Presbytery committee met and unanimously chose a different bid than Mercy’s for buying the Open Door property. Pastors Maggie and Chad with Mercy Community Church and their church members are disappointed as they had such a clear vision for continuing the legacy of the Open Door to the homeless in our neighborhood.

However, I have reminded Maggie and Chad that Mercy’s future is in God’s hands. And this whole process has spurred so much  excitement and created a whole new base of support. This will launch Mercy into a new future that God holds for this unique church and ministry. We are still confident that Mercy will find a suitable new home to create the collaborative space for “Penny Hill.”Mercy’s real estate agent is identifying other properties that will be suitable and convenient to the members of the church.

I will keep you posted as soon as a new property opens up, and we will continue the momentum moving forward. Thank you so much for your generous support. I am committed to see Penny’s legacy become a reality. And to date, we have well over $100,000 pledged in support and numerous others still interested in joining the campaign.

Keep praying for God’s guidance and will.

That all in our neighborhood might Live Love and Laugh!


7 thoughts on “Mercy is in God’s Hands

  1. Lynn Sexton says:

    Not the news I expected to hear, but who am I to know the plans of our Heavenly Father Who knows exactly what Mercy Community’s plan is for the “Penny Hill.” Trusting Him as all move forward and confident that God’s timing and plan are perfect! Love to all the Hill clan!!


  2. Minnie Bowden says:

    Richard, We are very happy that so many pledges have come in to support your Penny. Certainly as your say, we are all heartbroken about the Presbytery committee’s decision. God does have a plan and will reveal it in his time. In His Grace, minnie


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