When Love Transcends a Language Barrier

Kenan, my daughter-in-law, wrote the most moving account of our trip to inter Penny’s ashes in Fortaleza, Brazil and how she witnessed the impact that Penny had on our friends there. She captured so much in her words and pictures and I know you will enjoy it:




14 thoughts on “When Love Transcends a Language Barrier

  1. Carolyn Sonenberg says:

    Richard, Thank you for sharing this powerful story of the power of love. Penny was truly an ambassador of God. You are in our thoughts & prayers.
    Carolyn & David Sonenberg


  2. Eve Earnest says:

    Kenan I loved reading your blog and know how much your comments would mean to Penny. Thank you for sharing this example of the power of love! Eve Eve A. Earnest 376 Manor Ridge Dr NW Atlanta, GA 30305-3508 (404)281-1490

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  3. Deloris Bryant-Booker says:

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful report of your Brazilian trip and the meaning of mission. Loving on people. Letting them know you care. I could feel Penny’s spirit through your words. She continues to be a blessing .


  4. Dana kessler says:

    That was beautifully written with a powerful message about Penny and the value of mission trips. I wish everyone could read this article.


  5. Vicky says:

    Absolutely beautiful – thank you for sharing! We all knew Penny’s passion for Brazil and Kenan delivered a powerful love story. I, too, feel Penny’s spirit and see her smiling!!!!

    We love you Hills!
    Vicky and Gary Fowler


  6. Mary Nell Stone says:

    What a beautiful and loving tribute to a remarkable woman. Penny left her legacy of love and compassion in so many places and in so many people. God bless the Hill family.


  7. Ruthe says:

    It was a very special day for us because Rev.Penny Hill touched our heart in the way she loved Pirambu’s Churh. Se was great and I miss those partnership time in Fortaleza. May our God keep all of you, her family, stronger, until we get togheter again in the na me of Christ our Lord.


  8. Polly and Joe Payne says:

    Kenan, you have done such a beautiful job of capturing the emotions of your trip. That in itself is a lovely tribute to Penny. I particularly love your last sentence.


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