Team Penny for Winship


Next week, October 4th, is the anniversary of our “Going Home” vigil for Penny. It was a surprisingly gracefilled day for someone whose life filled us all with joy and grace. In memory of Penny and in honor of those she mentored and fought for (like Mike and Lindsey Thames), I want to encourage you to participate or walk/run in the Winship 5k this year.

The event is Saturday,October 14th, at the Emory Campus to support cancer research for those fighters who are surviving with hope. Team Penny had a hard time participating in the 5k the last two years. Our first year, we had a


Lady Godiva and hippy ready for Winship 5k

great crowd “wiggin’ out” and ready to walk but the rain drowned the event. We still made it to IHOP and raised a lot of support for cancer research.

Last year, we planned to walk, but had to watch from the 6th floor of the hospital room at Emory waiting for Philip and Jessica to get back from their honeymoon that night.

This year, I have signed up but have not formed my own site. I want all of Team Penny to sign up on Kay Stewart’s site (Kay was Penny’s best friend since high school) and join the FightLikeMike Leukidators. You can sign up or give on Kay’s site at:

Keep giving, supporting and praying for all those fighting, surviving and beating cancer!

With constant hope!


PS. Those who pledged support for Mercy Community Church buying a property and naming it the “Penny Hill,” please be patient. Due diligence is underway and some news should be forthcoming soon.


One thought on “Team Penny for Winship

  1. Richard, I have been out-of-town, and am returning to a mound of e-mails. I will get on this the next round. THIS round is to delete all the junk!

    Such a beautiful photo of Penny. It is hard to believe she was still with us a year ago.

    On another vein, I DID read about your re-marriage, and I know this is what Penny would want for you. I pray that all God’s good blessings will be showered upon you and your new wife in the years to come.

    And on your two sons. I hope they are thriving.

    In God’s love,



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