Happy Birthday Penny!

Where Penny was baptized and calledToday, July 16th, is Penny’s birthday. I am reminded of the line from our funeral prayers, “They rest from their labours but their works follow them.” So this is 63 years that Penny’s life has impacted this earth. And she is still a force bringing love and joy even as one in the communion of saints in heaven.

This month we are dedicating a room at the Atlanta Children’s Shelter named for Penny–“Penny’s Place” that was renovated with funds from the Penny Hill Impact Fund from our Presbytery celebrating her love of children and impact on parents. Also, in October I have been invited to Fortaleza, Brazil for the 25th anniversary of PRECE, the education reform ministry that Penny was one of the top ten most influential supporters at its ten year anniversary. Soon, we will announce plans for an elementary school to be built in Penny’s memory where that ministry began. The school has actually started but without a building. I am delivering a foundation gift to begin construction when I go.

Her legacy lives on. So, may our lives continue to be inspired and spread the love and joy she was commissioned to impart on this earth. Her calling first occurred at her baptism at Peachtree Christian Church at age 12 when she was baptized in the waters with Christ looking down on her–the picture above. May we be so inspired and filled with the Spirit.

With the Spirit to Live, Laugh, and Love,


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Penny!

  1. Norma Shumpert says:

    Thank you Richard, you and Penny will always be a part of our lives. I continue thinking of you (good thoughts.)


  2. Louly F. Hay says:

    Hello Richard,

    I delight that Penny lives on in myriads of ways! Thank you for your ministry in this and all regards.

    If as you travel to Brazil you are in São Paulo, I would love for my grandson who grew up here in Covington GA and now lives in São Paulo, to meet you!

    God’s rich blessings to you! Louly Hay



  3. DJaris Canty Wallace says:

    Happy heavenly birthday to Penny and she will forever live on through “Penny’s Place” a beautiful way of honoring her ministry.


  4. Oh, my, Richard! The blessings continue, and thanks in good part to your efforts on Penny’s behalf—that even in death, her impact on us all would continue.

    What a manifestation of God’s love made visible.

    Thank you for being an instrument in all of this—and more!

    Greta Reed Tallahassee, FL


  5. Eleanor Griffin says:

    What a wonderful tribute to our special Penny -and all the things that are “happening” because of her life on this earth-
    Love to all she “ touched” and to Richard and Nicholas and Philip and that grandchild she wanted the Granny rocking chair for…..


  6. Joe Sandifer says:

    Richard, Thanks for this great announcement.  May I share some of it in Pastoral Team Report this week?  Sort of “I didn’t know that” item.  Take care.  Lots of good, sad memories. Joe


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