Update in supporting Dr. Khuri in Lebanon

Thank you!!!!

We have raised $3250 for scholarships for medical students! So far about half of you who have seen this blog have contributed to the American University of Beirut to support Penny’s oncologist, Dr. Fadlo Khuri as President of the University in one of the most troubled parts of the globe. Fadlo announced today that students will come back to class starting in September and ironically, the blessing of the pandemic is forcing all the faculty to learn how to use distance learning and broaden their reach.

Penny would be so passionate to stir support seeing the devastation that AUB has faced with the crash of their economy, the pandemic and the explosion and all the students whose careers and lives weigh in the balance. And we are so grateful for the sacrifice and brilliance that Dr. Khuri has brought to AUB leaving the comfort of Atlanta a few years ago.

With the “war” breaking out between Israel and Palestine, I consider a contribution to AUB one of the best steps we can personally take to bring peace to the Middle East. The University was started by Presbyterian missionaries 150 years ago and is one of the most powerful agents for restoration in the region.

Many thanks! Continue the prayers! Spread the word for support! Let’s do what we can to support peace and nonviolence in the cradle of the faith of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Grace and Shalom/Salamaat


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