Lord, Have Mercy!

Some of you have asked me what is going on since Mercy Community Church was not the winning bid for buying the Open Door Community property on Ponce de Leon Ave. We are still searching for a property to create a site that will be named “Penny Hill,” but it will take time, patience and prayers.

Here is a quick update to keep you all informed.

  1. Thanks to your generosity we amounted pledges totaling over $113,000(I only put word out through this blog so almost all of this response is through you–I will expand the request for support when more specific details are set). Actual checks and contributions are not needed yet. Wait until we find and have a contract on a new property.
  2. Our real estate agent is searching for properties between Virginia Highlands and downtown Atlanta which is the area where Mercy members live. Some potential properties have been identified; however, it will take time to consider each property and decide how it might be configured for Mercy and our other collaborator’s needs. Once a property is decided upon, we will inform all our supporters.
  3. Since you all know Penny, but don’t really know Mercy, here is a site that you can find the formal proposal for the “Penny Hill” ministry as well as a Lenten Devotional from Mercy that you might use. (https://mercyatl.org/). Th2017 Lenten Devotional-covere website can help acquaint you with the incredible ministry of this unusual church in the city. It represents the embodiment of Penny’s desire to love and inspire love in our city and to raise up the greater call for justice for all in our midst.

I look forward to working with Mercy and establishing a lasting legacy from Penny. Her spirit was always contagious, and I know her passion is still inspiring all of us. So, during this Lenten season, I hope you will patiently wait and pray with hope that Christ will stir up good and lasting work from our efforts.

Live, Love, Laugh–today!




3 thoughts on “Lord, Have Mercy!

  1. Lynn Sexton says:

    Thank you, thank you for each update, Richard, that I read with great interest. I know how badly Penny would love to see this ministry come to fruition. Let us pray that it is so, SOON!! Big hugs to you and your clan! oxo


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