Update on the Penny Hill and Mercy


June 2016 Celebrating every little success

It has been a while since I updated you but I assure you that Penny’s influence has not diminished. I told you about Mercy Community Church ( https://mercyatl.org/ — that is a church primarily of homeless folks in our neighborhood that Penny and I have supported for years. They hoped to purchase the large boarding house of the Open Door Community two blocks from our home, but Mercy did not have the winning bid. This put us back to ground zero to find a property.

We have located a possibility at 101 Boulevard (https://www.bing.com/maps?FORM=HDRSC4 ) . This is a more manageable church building near the King Center. So the location is ideal. It is more cost effective than other comparable properties though it will require substantial renovation. Mercy is not in a rush however and is waiting on its primary benefactor to get back to Atlanta as she does not live in Atlanta and is caring for a new grandchild in Europe.

penny-hill-and-mercySo, please remain in prayer and spread the word. In the near future we hope to be raising support from churches, individuals and community partners to acquire and renovate this old church building known as the “City on the Hill Church” to become the “City on Penny Hill.” (Our friends and Presbyterian churches so far have pledged $120,000 ) This will become a hub for spiritual nurture of homeless neighbors as well as encouraging a new generation of justice workers to enhance the well-being of our city. We will need prayers, help from structural engineers, architects, contractors, and worker-bees to help in all sorts of ways.

So, pray that Penny’s continued influence will spur greater good and justice to be done for our city.

With God’s continued blessings,




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